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30.08.2010.The longest shot

The longest shot can be so long that it can't be shown in one piece so we had to cut it into two pieces for previewing. Mentioned longest shot was realised during the second week of staying on Nono Rude 2. Shift of the crew happend in Baška on Krk when Robertino Đarmati arrived as wheelman and Martina Krstinić as "F2 master". They are both expirienced so the training wasn't needed. After we sailed from Starigrad to Paklenica in one day and spent a peaceful night under the Velebit, the filming of the longest shot started. The distance from Starigrad to Vlaka bay behind the Jablanac is 48,6 nautical miles which we saild for less than 7 hours. Next day the route to bridge for Krk was a bit shorter. Those days we break through the magical barrier of 1000 nautical miles of the tape and 33% of prescribed goal. Anchored in Ičići, celebrated mentioned accomplishments. After that Robertino left us for work duties, but Zoran and Senka came back to ship. We used the afternoon mistral and stiff breeze and sailed to Olib. Filming Olib was simple, but the weather the other day wasn't on our side for recording Silba. With sails and engine we rushed to Rab. Next day we should change the crew.

04.09.2009.Kornati Islands, Lastovo, Mljet...

Grateful to NCP who advantageously ceded us their boat (Grand Soleil 40) we filmed for two weeks on Šibenik archipelago and Kornati Islands. First week the crew was made by Martina Krstinić and myself. We were filming Obojan, Kakan, Žirje, Kaprije and other islands of Šibenik archipelago. While filming Žirje Goran Abramović with his daughter made us company. It was unforgettable expirience for two of them because they are spending summer on island with their father in law, but had never seen Žirje or Blitvenica. We also took them next to islet Vrtlić (on Kornati) to take a bath. On tuesday Ivana Seperić and Dominik Katić become part of the crew and we start filming islands of Šibenik archipelago and islets infront of Jezera on Murter. Marko Mimica completes the team and the filming of Kornati Islands starts. Next week on filming Kornati aslo participated Ferenc Fruža and Predrag Domjan with his wife Nirvana.

After two weeks we leave Šibenik archipelago and moving into Dubrovnik. There is Sunsail 43 waiting for us, and we sail to Primošten and film Lastovo and south side of Mljet on the way. This time the crew is made by Iva Nimac, Aleksandra Mudrovčić, Marina Pečenko and Martina Krstinić (who becomes one of often members of our team). Although the travel was hard working, we had a nice time, mostly because we met a boat of guys from Rijeka who adjusted their cruise to our route and adorned the nights of local bays.

In few days all videos will be online.

02.08.2009.Dubrovnik recorded!

This is now the second week of recording in Dubrovnik archipelago. A completely new team onboard a different vessel - more appropriate for recording; compliments of Sunsail, once again. Beneteau Ocanis 423, although 5 feet smaller, is more suitable to film the coast, achieving the required filming speed of 8 knots more easily, and with smaller distances to bridge over with cables, as between cabin and cockpit.
Milan Pavlović and his wife Aleksandra, together with Milan's colleague Igor and his girlfriend Mirna, were 'the team' this time. They all had their assignments on the boat, despite the fact this for some this was the first encounter with this archipelago, and to some also with - living on the boat. The original plan was slightly larger than the final accomplishment, but given various technical issues I am satisfied regardless. During each trip, some part of equipment breaks down, leaving us with problems to resolve ad hoc. This particular occasion we waited for delivery of the new recording laptop from Zagreb for 3 instead of 1 day. Hadn't been for miraculous help from some friends from past-incarnations, we could have easily missed the whole first week of recording. At the moment of writing this, the footage of Dubrovnik county, from Prevlaka to Cape Rukavac on Pelješac peninsula, is complete, together with all of Elaphiti islands and NE side of Mljet. We hope to soon return to this part of the country to finish filming Pelješac and Mljet. With these recodings available in .flv format in a few days, you will be able to see for yourselves what we have acoomplished here.

25.07.2009.Sunsail rules!

We are recoding the coast of Elaphiti islands and Župa Dubrovačka. One week ago I telephoned to the boss of Sunsail in Dubronvik, expecting not much more but another instruction to apply with a proper application and memo and and wait for the next year...
But in this instance, just one more phone call and Kaeth informed us that a boat is ready and waiting for us in Dubronvik Marina to record.
We sailed out on Sunday, July 19, reaching the southernmost point of Croatian coast already on Monday. As recording is always done from left to right, Cape Oštro is actually the mythological beginning of the The Seashore of Our Posterity project. Robertino, Marko and Vlatko already recorded Krk Island and were familiar with everything, so everybody did a bit of everything, recording, sailing and servicing the computer. Accompanying us were Robert's wife and their children and my younger daughter who turned out to be a great asset to the filming crew. And as Sunsail provided us with the Beneteau Oceanis 47, a 16 m sailing boat with 4 cabines and a spatious lounge, there was absolutely no crowding on the boat. Actually, the large size of the boat was slightly problematic and required some extension cabeling, given that our equipment being better suited for smaller boats.
Day one, we sailed from Cape Oštro to Srebreno. Equipment is functioning smoothly and new materials are stored on disks. The second day, we recorded from Cavtat towards Dubrovnik, but as some white clouds gathered in the sky, we stopped right infront of Dubrovnik. The pearl of Adriatic deserves a cloudless sky recording afterall!
It wasn't until the third day that we "hit" Dubrovnik and made one frame of film of coast almost up to Ston Canal. The frame finished in Zaton Doli. Marko had to leave the expedition at that time so Matea started helping, as recoding requires at least 3 team members.
We recorded Elaphiti islands on the 4th day, starting from Daksa, then Greben, Sv. Andrija and Koločep, and finishing with Lopud. On the fifth day, while filming Šipan, all the rush and efforts of past days doomed upon us, so we ended up spending a lot of time around the islands Jakljan and Šipan. The next day was also Robertino's traveling day to safely drive his family back to Rijeka. I haven't yet calculated the exact number of miles recorded, but I feel very content. Especially with the fact that Sunsails recognizes the importance of this project and supports it by allowing us to use their boats.

20. 06. 2009.Cres is down!


The peacefull sunrise in Marčelino Bay was nothing like the weather forecasted. Meteo announced jugo, and many friends and well-intentioned people telephone to forewarn us up upcoming southern wind. It is also the main topic of chats between locals and sailors alike.

Fearing we wouldn’t be able to complete Cres that day, we decide not to record Srakane the same day, but just Unije, then quickly moving to Osor for rest of Cres island. Only 10 minutes into recoding of Cape Lagunje, there was a power cut. I already thought todays’ shoot is finished, but Bobo managed to fix the problem in less the half an hour and we could start all over. some used this break for calibrating the gps plotter and some for swimming in Bay of Skopalj. In one frame we are recording Unije and easy sailng to Osor on Cres. As various ropes are tied to the boom, holding awning (sheets and towels) to make the captain more comfortable with shadow. I can only imagine what this stragely decorated boat with a camera attached to its hip navigate near The coast must had appeared like to the visitors on the boardwalk. It would probably make more sense if we had a sponsor awning, for example. regardless, while we were sailing, I ordered from Boris Tromljanović a 3.5m flag with website sign so that the lucky ones who enter the frame some day can retrace themselves on the cost recording. I’ve observed that most of the people wave to the camer and nobody has been trying to hide yet, although most of the swimmers out of the village are naked. We enjoyed refreshments in Osor, in konoba Tri-četri lipe on the square and at the first sign of fjakitis reoccurrence, which happened during the call for the second round (of beer or pelinkovac, whichever) Ivo gave up and went swimming. The rest of the team deal in a stoic manner with the symptoms which have been following us since Baška, and managed to soon thereafter go back to our recording positions. There are app 25nm from Osor to Cape Permat. When Unije are added into the count, we can say today was very productive. Just for reference, the targeted daily recording distance in 30nm. Sometimes I don’t believe it myself, but we just might, one day, succeed in recording the whole coast. Anyhow, it was beautifully spend 5 days. We worked hard, recorded a large part of the coast (Cres is down!) but were still strong enough to return the boat to Miljenko in even a better condition then when he gave it to us. When last looking back at the boat, the southern clouds were decorating the viewing line. They say next week it will rain. This is fine with us as we still don’t have a computer to process videos on boat, so what we recorded this few days wil not be online just yet. Untill our next expedition!


17. 06. 2009.And it was such a nice beginning of the day

After a short and not overly thrilling night in Krk, we stailed to the start position, Cape Grote. It was another chance for Milan to show off at the starboard, easily achieving 8 knots of speed. We were planning to shoot the East shore of Cres in the late morning, due to favorable Sun positioning, and around noon, when at Punta Križe, it will be ideal from the South. In the afternoon we could approach Osor while the Sun is in the west. But no. Jugo disturbed us and by the time we passed Plavnik, in about 30 minutes , there was so much wind and waves that is was impossible to make a proper recording. we shut down all instruments and slightly sad turned the boat to safety of lee behing Cape Pun on Plavnik. Milan helm under sails again.Dolphin near Plavnik And then - the show: 6 dolphins (lat. Tursiops truncatus) surrounded the boat and performed show infront of photo and video cameras. It impossible to tell who posed with more pride and joy - the dolphins or Milan at full sail starboard.

After hiding into safety behind Plavnik, we decided to test the temperatures of sea and the fridge... the sea was warmer - but there is wine in the fridge. and it is somewhere in this inbetween sea and the fridge that we decided to cease recoding Cres (never say never) but to record Plavnik since we were already there. And so it was - one island, one frame, one hour. But since already here, why not record also Mali Plavnik, then Kornati. We didn't go any further. On Kornati, we swam again as well as visited a seagull colony. Although in greater jugo the island is completely covered in sea foam, the seagulls always find time and place to nest in the summer.Osvajanje Kormata

As there was no more wind for Milan to show off, we autopiloted on motor to Baška. Althogh Dragan has already provided us with docking spot in Punta, Baška seemed as more logical option, the furthest point away from the first planned Osor, 35nm. And just as we docked - surprise. Announcement of big bura - and bura here is exceptionally strong - Senj just across the way. The whole day, meteo reports announced jugo and rain on North Adriatic, and now - bura. I am somewhat familiar with the extents on North Adriatic, but it seems that weather fronts weren't in agreement with our meteorologists. And hence, now I dremeeng in Baška port while the crew is aseep. If the bura doesn't stop, Milan will have to prove himself on short sails. Maybe there wont be so much bura around Goli otok.

16. 06. 2009.The recoding season begun

After multiple attempts with smaller boats and insufficiently powerful computers, we managed to start again. Thanks to Miljeko Vukušić who recognized our project and lended us at no cost his boat Dear Gib Sea 43, we commenced our real this years expedition. Until friday June 19, we intend to hand around Cres island and recod the coast. The current team on boat is: skipper - Vlatko Ignatoski, technical stuff and much more - Ivo Maglić and guest Milan Pavlović. Milan fit in at great speed and can now use the rudder and fridge alike.

Yesterday we recodeded the part between Cape Pernat next to Balun to Cape Grot near the village Beli. This part is approximately 30nm, which we will be able to precise once in an actual camping site and working on web recoding. We spent the night in Krk on Krk island, where we arrived - how else would be - sailing.

Afterall, Dea (Sea Gib 43) is a brilliant sailing boat and handled 15knots of jugo blowing in late afternoon hours greatly. It was also an opportunity for Milan to try the starboard under sails, not only with motor. As an instuctor, I resbonsily claim he will once make a sailor.

We are currently recording the east coast of Cres, which can be seen on photos.


08. 04. 2009.Server II

The server has been set up in collocation with Optima telekom.

Thanks to our recent benefactors and great help of Željko Giljanovi? from Multilink Rijeka, we now have own highspeed connection server. We would here like to thank Multilink Rijeka who give us the last year of test (and promotional) server usage. As of now, we have apsolut control and responsibility to Obala users.

30. 03. 2009.Server

Thanks to our recent meacenas, we purchased our own server (DELL PowerEdge R200). Software tuning and collocation of the hardware are next on task list.

15. 03. 2009.The TV show

An expose about our Association and project was shown as a part of the show More (Sea) running on HTV1 (Croatian National TV Network), which in turn resulted in unseen visit numbers and consequently - crashing of streaming server. We would, therefore, also like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who was, for a few hours, left without the opportunity to view these pages to their full potential, as they are still in test and development phase.

29. 08. 2008.Krk recorded

Thanks to Marina Punat Group, which lended us the boat Plitka (Elan 45) with skipper Dragan, in only 2 days we managed to record the whole island of Krk. The weather was definitely on our side, as only the next day bura started blowing and the day before it has limited road transportation. Robertino, Marko and Vlatko took turns at recording, while Dragan, like true native, skillfully avoided photographs as well as shallow waters of Krk coastline. The first day, we recorded the part between Punta to Cape Šilo, i.e. the bridge. After an unforgettable night in Bay Scott, where Plitka was safely ashore on hotel boardwalk, we sailed the next morning at 10am when the SUn was high enough to continue recording. If the filming was interrupted nearby the Bay Klimno, it would have been one of the longest scenes.

16. 08. 2008.Gyrostabilizers arrived

Afer long preparations and experimenting, we managed to complete basic recording equipment set. Thanks to HHI, the new set of gyrostabilizers arrived and now we will start recording the rest of the coast so to use all the nice weather before the autumn rains.

08. 07. 2008.First test shooting - Murter

Vlatko and Robert returned from the first pilot run of shooting the Coast. Thanks to our benefactor Andrea Zoli from Faenca (IT), a cameraman who allowed us to use a pair of gyrostabilizers for a week at no cost, we managed to tests and prepare usable recording of the coast from the boat Eva, consigned to us by ANA (no cost). On this occasion, we recorded the shore of islands Murter, Prvi? and Zlarin and of land from Jarija to Tisno. We must thank also captain Tiho Trnovski and Paolo Pini, for helping us recod on site.

28. 05. 2008.Association established!

Two days ago, the Society Obala naših unuka (The Seashore of Our Posterity) was established, with a unique goal visible from the Society's statute:


Article 7.

This Society was formed to encourage its members, as well as all other citizens, to study, value and preserve ecologically and socially sustainable exploration of the Adriatic sea, conservation of the historic and cultural identity of Croatian PRIMORJA and development of sentiment and love towards the Adriatic as well as improvement of ecological, informational, cultural, social, scientific and other views of valueing of the Adriatig. These goals are to be accomplished through the following actions:

  • preparation of film documentation of the Adriatic
  • media promotion of the Adriatic coast (Internet, TV et al.)
  • participation of Society's members in events and workshops of other Societies in Croatia and the world
  • Cooperation and experiences exhange with similar organizations and individuals in the world
  • Performing all other actions to contribute to the goals as stated in the Society's statute
  • Raising ecological consciousness
  • Organizing encounters and other forms of Society members and
  • Providing an enviroment encouraging and supporting exchange between Association's members as well as with similar organizations

Besides actions from the Article 2 of this Statute, the Association is permitted to perform profit-making activities. The activities listed in Articles 2 and 3 of this Statute can be perfomed only in accordance with relevant laws and bylaws and cannot be undertaken for the acquiring benefits for its members or third parties.

The entire Association Statute is available (croatian version) here

Vlatko i Robertino Eva, Adriatic Nautical Academy - VAL 35
Plitka, Marina Punat - Elan 45 Sa snimanja - otok Krk
Skiper Milan Iskusna posada broda
Od tajnika udruge do kamermana - Marko snima Dubrovnik Oblačni Dubrovnik
Most kod Dubrovnika Jezero? Neee, prolaz između Jakljana i Šipana
Svijetlo i tama Kalamote Sunsail RULES!